At Q8Oils, we believe that our customers should receive a level of technical service and support that has been created to help them get the most from Q8 products. Through our support, experience and knowledge, it will make it possible to create a safe working environment that is operator-friendly while your processes will be fully optimised.

Our high-quality metalworking fluids ensure that Q8Oils remains at the forefront of our industry, paving the way for innovation and development. However, we do not just manufacture products because we have a high level of support and care that ensures our customers benefit in every possible way.

QCare delivers a varied range of technical services that have been carefully designed to help you maximise our Q8Oil products and what they offer. The Health and safety Executive continually monitors the risks that come with working with metalworking fluids, therefore, we can help you to understand the latest legislation and make it possible for you to work in a safe and healthy environment. Our highly skilled, Technical Services team will work closely with you to enhance and optimise performance and solve any technical difficulties or challenges you may be facing. To help enhance your knowledge and our support, we also deliver training seminars that are supported by high-quality equipment solutions.

As part of our QCare Service we offer the following:

Health and Safety Support

To help you meet all national and international health and safety requirements, you can rely on our team of experts who offer their experience and knowledge to support and advise you at every step.

Fluid Management

We can provide an on-site Industrial Application Specialist who will work with you to assist in the management of your MWF’s within your machines.

Q8 Analytical Services

Our ability to help you identify how you are performing through the testing of wear, contamination and additive levels of your MWF or Lubricant can help you to operate at a higher level with enhanced efficiency and reduced costs.

Training and Technical Support

Your efficiency and process optimisation is enhanced through our expert advice. A team of specialists have the knowledge and experience to guide you and advise you in way that can help you to deal with any issues. To further support and enhance our Training and Technical Support, we also offer dedicated on-site training packages.

Equipment Solutions

To assist the way in which you operate, we offer equipment solutions that are explicitly designed to meet your specific needs. This will assist you in optimising the way in which you use MWFs and other industrial lubricants.

For more information on QCare please contact [email protected] or call +44 (0) 113 235 0555.


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